Come follow, follow, follow me!

I took the chances today that I have been promising myself I would. I went to the Medieval Pageant in town this morning alone. I stood in the front row, I talked to a person beside me who also was alone on the first row…a like minded adventurer I guess. I went shopping and bought a dress, that I wouldn’t normally wear, for an event tonight. Then I met Drew for lunch. These, perhaps, are not monumental or major out-of-character things.

Notice the lady in the red dress, she will be important in the next part of my story.

This next bit, is.

As I said, Drew and I met for lunch at my favorite pub, The Bell and Crown. I stumbled on it with a group of students I brought here once and took another group there again many years later. I took Drew a couple times and it has since become a favorite of his and his friends during the school year. ANYWHO…

While we were waiting for our Ploughman’s

Doesn’t this look awesome???

I was showing Drew my pictures from the parade. ***Go back up and look at the picture with the lady in the red dress*** As I am looking, I notice that the lady in the red dress is sitting at the next table! I show her my phone and say,”Hey! This is you!” Long story short, Heather and I talked a bit and she gave me her email so I could send her the pictures. On the way out, she invited me to a “music workshop” a few shops down, they were singing medieval songs.

Drew wanted to get home to watch the football match. In my head, I debated about going home or stepping outside my comfort zone and going to the music workshop. I thought, “Girl, you will never have this chance again, GO TO THE MUSIC THING!” I sent Drew home and I went down a few doors.

I walked into Conquest House. It is the place the knights stayed the evening before they killed Thomas a Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Here is an infomational link if you are interested. I was told the singers were downstairs. I sat down on the bench where room was made for me, was handed a piece of sheet music and soon realized I wasn’t at a “workshop”…I was at a rehearsal for a street performance in less than an hour!!! I panicked….I wanted to get up and out quick! I also didn’t want to look like a complete idiot…so I stayed put and learned some medieval songs.

As the rehearsal finished, the group got up and headed outside for the performance. The director made sure I was going to participate and out I went. I think I did alright for an hours practice! It was fun! I’ve been invited to Monday practices and may go for the hell of it! Final concert is July 28th. I videoed the experience for you and have a group shot.


I am now on my way to take a bus to Folkston to go to a cello concert. I’ll let you know how this adventure turns out later. 😊

5 thoughts on “Come follow, follow, follow me!

  1. Heather Inkpen says:

    Aww, this is lovely! So pleased to have helped make your day special!
    It WAS supposed to be a workshop, honest, but there was some confusion… hope you can come to our concert on the 28th!
    Hope you don’t mind if I share this on Cantiacorum’s Facebook page?


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