Here’s the skinny…

I’m having a mid life crisis. I’m not kidding. Within a year and a half I separated from a 25 year relationship/marriage and moved in with my dad. I turned 50, my only child left for college IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY and then my husband died. This story alone could be a best selling novel...or … Continue reading Here’s the skinny…

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! In October, 2017 my son--at university in Canterbury, England-- informed me he wasn’t planning on coming home for summer break. He is my only child. I was crushed. I was in the middle of a separation and the thought of not seeing my boy was unimaginable! I decided then and there … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Reality Check

Let's be completely honest. These posts have made this 3 month adventure look pretty enticing...and it has been exceptional. But here's a dose of reality. It's hard "living" in a foreign country and I'm tired. I'm tired of feeling anxious every time I drive somewhere. I NEVER know where I am going, my stomach muscles … Continue reading Reality Check