Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Sea Side

I had a personal tour guide for my next adventure. I met Heather on a previous adventure, and she has been giving me local travel tips via messenger and Facebook for the past few weeks! I was so excited to meet up with her again and get to know more about her.

Last night we went to Broadstairs. A beautiful seaside town full of history, local families and very few foreign tourists! Heather, a fellow (former) English teacher, started the tour with Charles Dickens’ seaside house. Now a bed and breakfast, it was once a museum that held all sorts of Dickens’ treasures. His desk was right in front of the window, where he worked on some of his literary works looking over the North Sea. She said people would leave hand written notes to Dickens and tuck them under the lid of his desk. The desk got so full, the notes got smaller and smaller. That would have been fun to do…

This beach town had a different feel to it than Whitstable or Margate. This was a family beach with lots of things geared toward young kids. A juggler made balloon animals, carts were selling light thingys, there were carnival rides and there was a band playing and families were dancing. It reminded me of the carnival I looked forward to every August in Lawton, PA. I loved being in the middle of it! Although it was “foreign” it felt very familiar.

Fish and chips was on for dinner. I have not had fish and chips on this adventure so far. Drew doesn’t like them and I never go anywhere on my own that sells it, so I couldn’t wait to have fresh fish by the sea! The special was pollack…I have no idea….but it was fresh and good! The line was long, again all locals, and when we found a bench on the prom to sit, almost all the benches has people with a box of fish and chips on their laps! (because Heather is a pro and local, she brought real forks to use instead of the little wooden ones!)

After dinner, we walked to a pub for a pint and where, every Wednesday, local musicians meet to play and sing. Can anyone tell yet, that I am in heaven?!!!!

The big finale was the fireworks show on the beach that started at 9:45. The crowds were big, but very chill. Some were on blankets on the beach, some were on the jetty, most were sitting or standing along the promenade; there was no bad place to watch the 15 minute show!

It was a lovely, cool evening and one of my favorite adventures so far!

**BTW, Heather is an Airbnb hostess and has an 18th century family home in a near by Kent village. I’ll post a link on my home page.

3 thoughts on “Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Sea Side

  1. Heather Inkpen says:

    So pleased you enjoyed it so much! So did I – it really was an especially nice evening.

    ….pollock….I checked it out. Of the cod family.

    My village….it’s a village (Littlebourne) 🙂

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