Harry Potter and the Teacher of English

For a teacher, having former students become friends is a special thing! I have several past students whom I consider friends and I treasure each one! When I was planning my summer adventures in the fall, two of my more adventurous “frudents” ….um…”studiends” …, Jackie and Melissa, began planning their summer UK adventure too, including a week’s stay with me in Canterbury!

Jackie was in the first AP class I taught when I started teaching high school in 2003. Her sister, Melissa, came to my class a few years later and was also a leader in a few of the clubs I advised as well. They both traveled to England with me in 2008, on a customized tour group trip I organized.

We sure have changed! What a difference 10 years make!
The London Eye

Their first “99”. Cheddar Gorge.

Pub in Tintagel.

Jackie is a now an RN. Melissa came back to her alma mater to teach English with me, but left to work with her family’s plumbing business.

Their adventure began in Ireland, then they went to Scotland and ended in the south of England with me. We had been in Canterbury in 2008 for all of an afternoon, so they had been to the cathedral. This time, we explored the city and the surrounding areas and took an overnight trip to London.

Welcomed with an English tea party!

We had a lot of fun running around the county. They were up for anything and that made for a fun few days! We had a beach day, climbed down the white chalk cliffs, walked along the top of the white chalk cliffs to a light house; spent 2 exciting days in London with the Harry Potter crew and some classics in the Tate Britian museum and a seaside oyster festival. The girls were so much fun to be with and I learned a lot from them too! It makes my heart full.

Picture post card Kent town of Chilham.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts one and Two! A day long adventure!!

Tate Britain museum

Oyster Festival in Whitstable.

White chalk cliffs along the coast and Dover lighthouse.

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