Funny How You Meet People.

Today’s adventure was sponsored by FarmVille. You remember that Facebook phenomena about 5 years ago? It may still be a thing, I don’t know. Well, my mother was ADDICTED to this game and through FarmVille, she “met” like minded gamers. Ann is one of these people.

When my mother was in the hosptial, before she died, I posted updates on her facebook page for her friends. Ann kept up with her decline and offered me many words of encouragement and comfort, she was very kind in a really bad situation. Before I closed mom’s page down, I invited any of her friends, who wanted to remain in touch, to friend me. Luckily, Ann and I continued our newly found cyber friendship and we have been keeping up with each other for at least 5 years now!

Ann lives on the east coast of England, and on the map, only a short distance (in the scheme of things) from Canterbury. I have been to the south of England several times since Drew began university at Kent and tried, unsuccessfully, to connect with Ann and her husband, Geoff. We finally were able to get our schedules to work out and today we met in person!

She is as friendly and kind in person as she is online! We had a lovely lunch and wandered along the seafront. After picking up her precious grandson from school, we went to the docks and saw HUGE cargo ships packed with containers. I learned so much and I hope to be able to visit again one day!

3 thoughts on “Funny How You Meet People.

  1. missp2 says:

    Oh this is absolutely lovely. I can relate to the FarmVille phenomenon with your Mom . Although you and I have been friends forever I really got to know HER through being FarmVille buddies. FarmVille led to chatting about all other kinda “life” issues and through the game I got to know her.

    Didn’t think I would ever give any merit save shooting breeze to that game but getting to know your Mom was an exception to that rule . Glad 😊

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