Dream Realized

All the planning has come to fruition. I made it.

3:30 am….can’t sleep. Can’t get Netflix. Might as well blog and unpack!

Don’t judge me because of my shoes. A girl has to be prepared.

Closet space is on point!

What a wonderful first day! It was a steamy and cloudless 78 degrees, not at all what I was prepared for, but welcomed all the same. The back garden is a sun trap and it’s going to be a wonderful place to sit and relax.

The house is a character house. Just as it was advertised…with that being said, whomever took the photos for their ad should be given an award for special effects. I was prepared for small, but it is smaller than it appeared in the photos. AND I know it is over 300 years old, but it really is in need of some TLC. It’s a bit musty, but I don’t think it’s rented out very much. Is this possibly the American expectations coming through? Perhaps. Nevertheless, I’m charmed and happy! It’s comfortable and lovely. I’ll get it aired out, get some air fresheners and it will be great.

The weather is going to be spectacular for the next 10 days.

4:30 in the morning and it’s light outside.

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