This shit’s legit

I just flew into Kansas City on a plane completely full with academics from the biology, computer science, literature and statistics world. Literally the whole plane. If we had crashed….well, that would have been tragic…BUT there would have been a real hurtin in academia world.

Apparently, I didn’t need to worry about not knowing what to do when I got here! It’s not CollegeBoard’s first rodeo, you know what I’m sayin? We were greeted off the plane and taken by coach to our hotels (6 in the city) and now will be shuttled to and from the convention center for the next 7 days by private coach. We have a scheduled time for a catered breakfast, lunch and dinner…today’s dinner menu includes items like apple glazed pork chops and almond green beans. AND I get paid to do it!!

Ummmmm…. read AP essays for 8 hours a day for 7 days? You damn right. Count me in.

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