“But it’s cute”

I did it. Well, I did with some help…It took two of us to get that huge pile sorted and managed into 2 suitcases. Some may think that is still excessive, 2 cases, but I’m going for 2 1/2 months! AND 2 different geogreaphical locations…I’m just sayin…

I was sent links and advice on how to get 130 outfits out of combinations from 15 pieces…..TOTAL and only a carryon bag. Ha! That is just laughable. Sorry, not my style.

I bought those bags that you can suck the air out of and compress the clothes. I got the multi-size bag pack. It worked! I had so many clothes compressed and loaded into my first suitcase… I was impressed and hopeful! The hernia I got as I lifted it off the bed…well…that took the wind right out of my sails.

I needed an intervention! Thank goodness I have a friend who was willing to go through the pile, piece by piece, and helped me justify each and every one. I was quickly told that, “Because it’s cute!” is not a very good reason to shlep it half way across the county and then on to another one. Hmmpp. I still disagree, BUT in the end I weadled the huge, unruley pile into medium sized pile that fits into 2 suit cases.

Success comes in all different forms.

5 thoughts on ““But it’s cute”

  1. A. Barb says:

    Talk to me when you get back. Someday I need to show you pics of Steve slepping 2 big suitcases (one with a broken wheel enroute) from train to train, hotel to hotel. He said his next trip abroad will be just a backpack,lol. I had a small carryon with good wheels… that advice being said from your Auntie, I sincerely wish you a wonderful time in your new adventures…good for you! Oh, and show pictures! 💕😘


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